Zero degree weather and the coldest day of the winter did not stop World Pop and Soul artist Queen Rose from taking to the streets at Columbus Circle and Central Park on January 15th to film her BUILDING BRIDGES music video, teaming up with Hal Eisenberg, Executive Director of Windows of Opportunity, Inc., a non profit to empower youth through leadership programs.

“How fitting that we wrapped up shooting a video to promote intercultural communication to foster peace on Martin Luther King Day and can release it just in time for Black History Month, shifting how we communicate with each other!” reflects Executive Producer and Director Queen Rose. “We had over 40 people for two full days working passionately together as a team. Their endurance during the freezing weather was a testament to their beautiful spirits and commitment making a difference around the world.” Queen Rose is manifesting her vision in her organization Building Bridges, which is in the early developing stages spreading its mission and vision and seeking not-for-profit status.

“The first time I heard Building Bridges I felt like I was hearing the ‘We Are the World’ of today”, states Associate Producer Eisenberg, who plays the male lead role in the video with Production Coordinator/co-star Kimberly Tanksley. They tell the story of an interracial couple in 1994. The building pressure from society causes them to eventually go their separate ways and leaves the mother alone to raise her 3-year old son. They get back together in 2012, defying the odds and rising above.

Queen Rose finished shooting at the awe inspiring Martin Luther King Day Service at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Brooklyn. “I am grateful to Rev.Anthony L. Trufant that he allowed me to shoot at my home church, where I play in the band on a regular basis. I wanted to show how I build bridges in real life. We also got to shoot at my friend’s Mel Wymore beautiful apartment, Candidate for Election 2013 at New York City Council, and my neighborhood bar “Mirrors on Grand” in Clinton Hill. I got an amazing team together and everyone involved is part of our lives.”

Queen Rose and Eisenberg first met at United Global Shift training (, an organization that designs and delivers programs and workshops for people who are engaged in initiatives that make a real difference. When Queen Rose and Eisenberg met and shared their common visions, they knew they were bound to work together in a way that would bring many cultures together and facilitate many conversations that will lead to a better society.

The song, co-written and co-produced by Queen Rose and Mark Shine, features Rock Reggae artist Mark Shine’s vocals layered over Queen Rose’s lush string arrangements.

It brilliantly fuses Queen Rose’s formidable Austrian classical music background with America’s sizzling Rock, Soul and R&B sounds. Her ingenious pop arrangement is peppered with an accessible lyrical hook that appeals to people all over the world.

Hailing from Austria, Europe’s music capital, Queen Rose is an accomplished Classical & Jazz violinist and singer/songwriter and producer on top. She has shared the stage with the likes of John Legend, Santana, Gloria Estefan, Patti LaBelle and Trey Songz. She has been featured on over 18 studio albums and appeared on MTV, Late Night with Conan O’Brien, in the movie August Rush, and on stage at The Blue Note, The Knitting Factory, the Latin Grammy’s and many more.

In May 2012 Queen Rose will release two World/Pop/Soul albums with Hip Hop influences, featuring some of New York City’s hottest independent and Grammy Award winning singers & rappers, to share her many talents as a violinist, singer, songwriter and producer.  These upcoming releases promise to bring more inspiring and empowering messages.  $1 per sold “Building Bridges” album will be donated to Windows of Opportunity’s Music Leadership program Rock Ur Heart Out, which is currently building a music studio in Queens Village to service disadvantaged youth.

It is more than apparent that Queen Rose, Building Bridges, Windows of Opportunity, and everyone in their connecting communities are out to make a serious impact on our world for years to come. This is a team to pay attention to.