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What’s a ConcertTalk? Think of a TED talk meets a live concert, just cooler.


NEWS: Tuesday January 29th, 2019 Rockwood Music Hall, Stage 3 in NYC

We can’t wait to see you to celebrate & inspire you for the New Year! We will film the event! Be part of history!

If you pre-order a ticket or sign up for the newsletter at the show you will get a gift from Rose Bartu that night: an autographed copy of her record DESTINY – 13 songs & 57’ of empowering music, which made it into 10 categories on the Grammy ballots! Please click on the image below to get all info.

Get a little sneak peek of what to expect from our last event’s livestream. Click on the image below:

NYC Launch Event

We want to thank everyone who came out and supported us at our NYC Launch Event! It was such a beautiful and moving evening, which you can still watch on our Live Streams:

Part One on Twitter LIVE, click HERE:

Video about New Light

Welcome Remarks by Brian Hoffmann 00:03:00

Our Partner, New Light India, by Shaun Mader 00:08:10

Performance by Caits Meissner 00:19:50

Panel Discussion lead by Caits Meissner 00:26:30

Part Two on Twitter LIVE, click HERE:

Performance by Honey Larochelle 00:00:25

Performance by Rose Bartu 00:16:25

Thank yous! 00:41:55

Produced in partnership with and benefitting the non-profit 501c3 NEW LIGHT INDIA “…to promote gender equality through education and life skill training thereby reducing harm caused by violence and abuse to women and children…” Please support this wonderful organization now by clicking the button below for more info.

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A Global Concert Series celebrating 70 years of The Declaration Of Human Rights

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