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Our Team

 We are excited to have you part of our community! Please contact our Executive Director & Chief of Staff Brian Hoffmann if you want to contribute in any way or join our team! We look forward hearing from you!

Together we make all the difference

Rose Bartu
Rose BartuFounder & Visionary
Brian Hoffmann
Brian HoffmannExecutive Director & Chief of Staff
Phone: +1 973-557 0836

Brian is passionate about helping people live the lives that they deserve. He has created a career supporting late-stage start-ups and niche businesses looking to grow and expand internationally. Everyone who feels the desire to contribute to Freedom Around The World team is welcome and should take the first step by contacting Brian via email at

Johannes Dolecek
Johannes DolecekEuropean Liaison
Phone: +49-173 524 3036

Jo has been an active supporter of Rose Bartu’s music and vision for years now. He represents her European roots. He is a professional technical engineer and an avid motorcyclist.

Brianna Cotugno
Brianna CotugnoAdvisor, NYC
Brianna is a Licensing and Data Management Agent at The Harry Fox Agency and has been on Rose’s team since 2016. She shares her passion for music, creating change and brings music industry insights to the team.

Jacquelyn Ackeifi
Jacquelyn AckeifiAdvisor, NYC
Jacquelyn has worked at the famous Apollo Theater in NYC in the educational program department, is a talented singer, dancer and photographer and committed to inspiring people to become self-expressed in their unique ways.

Valery St.JamesAdvisor, Philadelphia
Valery met Rose Bartu on Twitter, fell in love with her Freedom song and became not only a fan, but also a close friend of Rose. She is passionately sharing Rose’s vision and committed to spreading it around the world. She lends her professional marketing & advertising experience to this project.