Freedom Around The World made it a principle from the very beginning to give 10% of all donations we receive to selected organizations that we want to support.

With each concert we will choose to support an organization in its local city or state, which creates systemic change, shares our values and principals and is aligned with The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

For our first concert in July 2018 in NYC we choose to support Women in Music, an organization that “…believes that the conversation around equality is an inclusive discussion where all voices are welcome. Our members are women at all stages in their careers — from students to seasoned industry veterans — and men who support our cause…”


Roswitha donates $1 of each sold World Soul album “Destiny” to Windows of Opportunity (WOO), a non-profit, which designs innovative programs and workshops for youth that develop their leadership skills. WOO address issues that are important to youth and they are creating a shift from negative to positive youth labels. WOO’s programs exemplify what youth can accomplish. Windows of Opportunity is a tax exempt 501c3 non-profit organization. WOO was formed to provide young people who are ages 6 to 24, with a healthy, safe, supportive, & positive environment in which they can be encouraged to discuss themselves as persons of infinite worth & potential. To donate to Windows of opportunity please go to

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