Gain FREEDOM with your Voice!

πŸ’œ Have you always dreamed of singing but never had the courage to get started?
πŸ’œ Are you a passionate singer but want to gain more control over your voice?
πŸ’œ Are you seeking guidance how to prepare songs for performances?
πŸ’œ Are you a Songwriter and want help with your songs?
πŸ’œ Are you getting ready to go into the studio and want help with your voice and songs?

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No musical knowledge?

No worries, I can help you with music theory too!


Where will you start?

We will start with the music you love and I will teach you the technical foundation.


I never sang before!

Perfect! This will help you to be open to learn!


Want help with songs?

I can help you find your voice and strengthen your lyrics, melodies and song structure.



TESTIMONIALS Songwriting Students

“... Because of Rose, after all the years of covering other people’s songs, I was able to write my very first song. I did not think I could do it... I felt uplifted with her and the course was upbeat and very detailed... Come aboard and allow her to inspire you to greatness...” — Marilyn Charles aka Lady Venus, calypso artist, the Mighty Sparrow, Chaka Khan, Percy Sledge

... Rose is a wonderful instructor. She gave us some really helpful tools and techniques to help us in our songwriting process. I would highly recommend this course for anyone from all the way from a beginner up to someone who is really looking to get to the next level of mastery in their songwriting.” — Ed Kalpas

“... a lot of structure and a room for flexibility. I loved how she figured out what we needed and put it into the course as we went along. That was super cool to have a customized experience... I left with the freedom to experiment and discover and play... I didn’t know where to start before... I totally recommend this course. I think it is great and it will meet you wherever you are in your journey of writing songs...” — Stefanie Rennert

“... was so empowering and inspiring... It was really special. There was such an intimate and safe environment. Rose really made sure we all felt safe. She did everything to support us. She is so so dedicated... with the right tools, with the right strategies it can be done! ...”  — Michal Nagar


My name is Rose Bartu, owner of FREEDOM THROUGH SONGWRITING. I teach aspiring Songwriters to unlock their story & transform their feelings by writing original songs. 🎡 I’m an associate professor at the Roc Nation School of Music, Sports & Entertainment at Long Island University in Brooklyn, NYC, teaching vocals and violin, and an independent recording artist. My last self-produced and written album was accepted in 10 categories of the Grammy ballots for a potential Grammy nomination.


Book your FREE introductory 20-minute consultation with Rose Bartu by clicking HERE!